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Solar Panels For Your Sustainable Home

Environmentally friendly for a greener future.

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Solar Panels For Your Sustainable Home

Environmentally friendly for a greener future.

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Own Your Energy. Protect Your Future.

If you're starting to notice solar panels becoming more popular in the UK, there is good reason. Solar technology has advanced a long way since its original inception into the domestic market back in 2010. This is when the government and many unregulated companies were pushing them onto homeowners. Now the panels offer much more efficient results and can sustain these savings for 25+ years - more than any other technology available in your home today. We work with many suppliers who are fully accredited and regulated to make sure your investment is secure.

Think Carbon Neutral

Change the way you consume energy to better your expenses and the environment around you

Now or never

Energy bills are constantly rising, make sure you secure your utility costs thanks to solar

Stop waiting, act now

We have the solution to reduce your energy bills. With great benefits through our approved installers, get in touch with us now


Of CO2 saved a year, per solar panel


Average percentage of energy bills saved


Quotes provided to UK homeowners

Reduce costs & create an environmentally friendly future

Begin your renewable journey with solar panels, the number one source of green energy for homeowners across the UK. Solar panels can save you thousands of pounds, and with government incentives you can earn from your energy too.

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Stop the rising energy costs

Solar power is a free source of energy provided by the sun. This feeds into your solar panels and is converted into usable electricity for the home with no additional cost to you. Replacing any power provided by your supplier, thus reducing your overall energy bill.

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No time to waste

Solar panels can begin to reduce your bill from the date of installation. Get in touch with us today and one of our qualified experts will run through all the information required to get you up and running.

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Get The Latest Technology

High quality solar panels available from MCS certified (or equivalent) companies

Benefits From Our Suppliers

An 8th Ranked

Fastest growing UK company.


Average house price increase thanks to Solar.

25 Years

Insurance backed guarantee on all systems.


  • 25 Years Insurance
  • No Upfront Cost (Finance)
  • Fast Installations


  • Highest rated solar components
  • Mobile app for monitoring and control
  • Fully Accredited

Trusted By

  • NHS
  • Alliance Health Care
  • The Crown Estate

Accredited By

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Customer Testimonials

Simon OramKent

We had a pleasant experience from start to finish. We weren't bombarded with loads of calls. Solar panel hub passed our information onto one company who we dealt with throughout and they were perfect for us. They showed us how much we could save and all at a reasonable price too! Very happy

Jack GrahamBirmingham

We have been considering Solar Panels for some time but couldn't find the right company to deal with. After reaching out to SPH they passed our information to the right people. After a friendly chap sat down with my wife and I we've decided to go for an 8kw system. The savings looked fantastic and the quote was certainly reasonable

Amir PatelLuton

We had our installation for solar panels a few months a go and have been saving so much money on our energy bills it really feels like the right decision. We have to wait for the winter months to understand the overall benefit, but right now we couldn't be happier!

Sarah JamesNorwich

Solar Panel Hub did a great job. They passed our details onto the right supplier and we had our install booked the next week! 5 Stars

Jordan MarksPeterborough

There are quite a few people with solar panels in our street so we thought our home must be in the right spot for solar. After speaking with Solar Panel Hub we had a company contact us about our home and how much energy we use. Once they sat with us and went through all the savings we could make, it just made sense to go ahead. We had our pabels installed in January and we've now got enough savings for a holiday next year!